TV star warns off Kermit!


Titchmarsh - old TV talent



Mike Morin - old Storm talent

Top TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh has condemned Storm Veteran Mike Morin. "Morin should stick to hockey" the man with the big smile told us at the Tatton RHS Show " and leave the gardening to people like me and Charlie!"

Titchmarsh's outburst came after he read of Mike's plans to enter the gardening business. "I mean" said TV's Mr Nice "what would he say if I was to announce that I was to take up ice hockey .. he'd be outraged. The same must go for him .... keep to your ice Mr Morin and leave the manure to us!"

Mike Morin told us "I'm saddened by Mr T's outburst, he's always been a hero of mine .. I watch his Groundforce programme every day on satellite TV. I'd be no threat to Mr Titchmarsh .. my design for a garden based on a team bus didn't even get selected to appear at the Tatton show".

Meanwhile Daryl "I've no budget left after signing Torchy" Lipsey told Thunderflash "I'm interested in Mr Titchmarsh's offer to play hockey. Do you think he'd turn up for £10 a week?"

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