Crisis 2002

Its the biggest crisis in Manchester hockey since pre WW2 when the old team (stacked full of imports/dual nationals you know ...) crashed as they had no money , no opponents and falling crowds. But there is a silver lining to every cloud ... and the problems have seen some VERY wierd things going on.

(1) Dave Simms being really nice ... and then having to post on the ITS forum that "no really I am the bastard you thought I was!"

(2) Oodles and Oodles of press, radio and TV coverage for the "beleagured" Manchester Storm

(3) Everyone fully supportive of loads of used tenners being used to pay players their wages !!

(4) Season Ticket holders move from demanding the extra game they paid for and refusing to pay anymore .. to offering to hand over hundreds of pounds to Gary Cowan

(5) Stevie Lyle headed straight back to Cardiff (no, sorry, that wasn't a surprise...)

(6) Newcastle Vipers can suddenly afford David Longstaff's wages within the BNL wage cap ..

(7) Gary Cowan unveils himself as the new UK TV evangelist ... mixing his skills in multi media and his new found talent for parting "believers" with all their spare cash

(8) People talking of 4500 as a "great crowd" and surviving the season on a "crowd" of 1500!!

(9) Dave Biggar comes out of hiding in New York to say "I told you so" .. which actually he did!